The Alexander Technique

Educational method

Alexander Technique is an education, therefore available to anybody who is willing to learn.

As any other skill, the Alexander Technique is taught by certified teachers over a series of lessons.

The great benefit of (any) education is the fact that once acquired, it becomes an asset for a lifetime.

It is a 'meta' skill

Alexander Technique has no purpose on its own.

The real benefits show when the Alexander Technique is applied to (any) other activity human beings do. Applied Alexander Technique will enable you to be more efficient and graceful regardless the chosen activity.

There is no limit to what activities the Alexander Technique can be applied to. People use it to enhance walking, singing, swimming or about every other activity you can think of.


The Alexander Technique is most commonly taught in one to one lessons by certified teachers. Group workshops are also available usually as an introductory sessions.

Although the principles of the technique are universal many teachers specialize in specific field of interest, teaching the Alexander Technique in context of pain management, performing arts, yoga, public speaking, etc.

Alexander Technique lessons are by their nature always unique. Lessons will adapt to meet the varying needs of the student. Activities such as walking, sitting in and out of a chair, working at a computer or playing an instrument are commonly used to teach the principles.

Teaching the Alexander Technique can be done as a verbal instruction, light touch by the teacher hands or by demonstration by the teacher himself.

Health Fund Rebates

A number of private health funds provide rebates for Alexander Technique lessons.

Rebates vary between the health funds and also depend on your level of health cover.

See the list of health funds supporting rebates for Alexander Technique lessons. If your private health fund is not listed, check directly with your health fund or ask your teacher for more information.