Angela Bradshaw

Angela Bradshaw

I love teaching Alexander Technique!

I love helping people and my professional life has always reflected that.  Working in the NHS as a radiographer and sonographer was enormously rewarding. It also has given me a fantastic resource to draw on in my teaching of AT.  A RSI to my shoulder cut short my career as a sonographer, but led me into this amazing work, which I now see as a wonderful turn of events. There are no accidents really as they say...

I take a modern approach to teaching this 100 year old profession in a warm and supportive manner.  For me it's the ultimate life skill and one everyone should know about.  It reconnects you with that which you had as a small child - effortless use of your body - you rediscover energy, balance, coordination, improved posture, breathing - the list goes on... it improves your life in so many ways.

If you're interested in your own health and wellbeing and wellness is a personal goal, try it! It's simple, practical and easy to implement into your daily life, whatever that entails ....and it's fun!

I enjoy teaching individuals, small groups, large groups, corporates and giving talks.  My clients come from many walks of life and include therapists, yoga teachers, business professionals, medical personnel, pregnant ladies, air crew, IT professionals, health professionals, athletes, musicians, bellringers and children.

I am married to Keith and the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Heather and Grace. I am also the adoptive mother of a gorgeous Siberian Forest Cat - Lilia.

Growing up in Dubai really widened my horizons and gave me a truly global perspective.  I loved being exposed to the many different cultures expatriate living brings with it, an education in itself! I have a fully active and fun personal life.  My hobbies include running, gym, yoga, cooking, theatre, music, piano, reading, travel, learning...


Specializes in

  • Chronic pain management
  • Individual peak performance
  • Injury prevention

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  • STAT


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