John Carpmael

John Carpmael

John Carpmael – MA, RSHom, MBRCP (Alexander Technique), Cert. STAT

I never knew what I wanted to do as a career, so after graduating from Oxford, I worked for The Blue Cross - an animal welfare charity - as an administrator and then I retrained as a systems analyst, designing computer systems for Abbey National, The Stock Exchange and for a couple of merchant banks: Schroders and Flemings.

And then I got lucky! My mother had suffered from very bad pain from a slipped disk. She went to see an Alexander Technique teacher and at the third lesson, all the pain went. She was hugely impressed with her teacher and kept recommending the Technique to me. It took me a few years but finally I went along for a lesson and knew immediately that this was something wonderful.

I started having weekly lessons and then lessons twice a week - I was very enthusiastic! I got immediate benefit from the lessons, but I also started to get clarity about what I wanted to do with my life. Having always simply drifted up to that point, I suddenly had a clear direction - I wanted to train as an Alexander teacher.

And then I discovered Homeopathy. I went along to an Adult Education evening class and was a completely bowled over by what I learnt. To me it made sense of so many things that I had never understood or given much thought to up to that moment.

I started my three year training as an Alexander teacher in 1990 and at the same time began my four year training as an professional Homeopath. I was trained by Dick and Elisabeth Walker who had been trained by FM Alexander himself. And my Homeopathic education was with the British School of Homeopathy which was run by Anthony Bickley.

I started practising in Oxford and then in 2000 moved to Suffolk.

I am lucky to have a busy practice working with people of all ages from the newly born through to clients in their 90s. My wife comments on how much laughter she hears coming from my practice room - I do enjoy my work !

Association member

  • BRCP
  • STAT


  • An initial lesson lasts an hour and costs £35.
  • Subsequent lessons last about 40 minutes and also cost £35.

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Windmill Natural Health Centre
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IP12 4JJ
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Southwold Hospital
Fieldstile Road
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The Smithy
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